Puppi diapers short story

Our first diapers have been sewn in 2013- we created them for two little people who meant most for us- our twins. Ever since we started to use cloth diapers for them (since they’ve turned 2 weeks), our search for the perfect diapers has begun. It turned out that it’s not so simple to find something that would meet our expectations in 100%. Most of diapers that we could find on the market were made of microfiber, coolmax, microfleece or other synthetic materials and that was not an option for us. Even though those materials are cheaper than natural fabrics, we have never been considering them as a component of our diapers. We were determined not to use any synthetic materials. We were also cautious about PUL diapers. That is why we decided to use only natural fabrics such as wool, bamboo fleece, bamboo and cotton velour, linen and hemp. Some time ago we also extended our offer by organic cotton. What’s more, we sew our fitted diapers and wool covers we only use biodegradable, certified elastics made of organic cotton and natural rubber. We are the only company offering such an extraordinary solution.

Before we decided to create PUPPI, many diapers on the market were not meeting our expectations also because of too low absorbency and esthetic reasons, that were also very important for us. We also wanted to get away from infantile designs that we can see in products dedicated for children and create more elegant version of diapers. As we couldn’t find product that would suit us and meet our expectations, we decided to create our own. For our children. And for yours as well. And that is how ecological cloth diapers PUPPI were created. We have projected and sewn them with care of each smallest detail. We choose each material with the utmost care and we test ready products on our kids. At the moment also on other children in our family, because our youngest son will not need diapers any day now. That way we can constantly refine our product’s cuts and test in practice our newly introduced products before we put them on sale. We are also open for your feedback, as we find it very valuable. Your opinions and suggestions let us adjust our offer to your needs.

Puppi diapers are not only healthy alternative for your child’s skin, but also care for the environment. All fabrics we use are biodegradable.

Our Clients satisfaction is the utmost prioity for us. That is why we make every effort to deliver your order in no time and to offer you only the highest quality products. Thanks to commitment of our experts, who are always ready to give you advise, shopping in our on-line shop is easy and pleasant.

In case you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email: customercare@puppidiapers.com or by phone: +48 665 435 317.

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