The payment method you choose might affect on delivery time of your order. We would like  to ensure you, that we make every effort to make sure your order is delivered to you as quickly as it’s possible, that’s why we normally dispatch them within 24 hours from the date of posting your payment on our account. Depending on your own preferences, you can choose one of following payment methods:

  • Money transfer – payment should be made to the following bank account number: 

ING Bank Śląski S. A.,


IBAN: PL 62 1050 1924 1000 0097 1584 6094

Michał Kazimierczuk -,

ul. 11-go Listopada 56,

05-070 Sulejówek


You can find this number also in email confirming your order. Once we will recieve your payment, we will proceed with your order.


  • Electronic payment- most comfortable and safest way to pay on internet. In our shop you can pay by PayPal, which guarantee prompt and safe payment, that will be posted on our account within couple of minutes.