The way you care for your diapers depends on what they are made of.

All PUPPI diapers are made of natural fiber materials. It’s interesting, but for this reason they need less effort to care for them. It is so because it’s easier to remove dirt from natural fiber than, for example, from microfiber inserts. Moreover, when you use natural materials, you don’t need to worry about how much soap your washing powder contains. But we’ll get to that topic in a moment.

We’d like to invite you to familiarize yourself with full instruction of how to wash your cloth diapers.

  •     PUPPI inserts and fitted diapers, as well as all other inserts made of natural fibers (cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen, soy)

All diapers made of natural materials are getting more and more absorbent with each wash. Just like new towels- to make them absorb water you need to wash them two- three times first.

We recommend to wash new inserts and fitted diapers at least four times before you put them on your child’s bottom. After each wash you need to dry the diaper. They’ll reach their maximum absorbency after around 8 washes.

Our tip: If you can’t wait to use the nappy for the first time, wash it two times and put it on baby for shorter period of time than you’d normally do. This way you can enjoy using them faster.

Washing instructions: Natural fiber diapers we wash in 40’-60’ degree (105’-140’F), on cotton program, with the same washing powder that you use for your baby’s clothes. Popular fabric softeners are not recommended, as they might reduce absorbency of diapers. If you want to soften your nappies, you can put one glass of vinegar to softener compartment in your washing machine drawer. When you take out washed diapers from the machine, smell of vinegar will air out in couple of minutes. Vinegar also will work like a descaler for your washing machine, so you won’t need to use other descaling solution anymore.

Before you hang the diapers to dry, whisk them away. Thanks to that, all the layers will even out and won’t roll on. Inserts with linen and hemp fibers might shrink in washing. That’s why it’s good to stretch them after washing to restore their original length.

You can dry your PUPPI inserts on the radiator, but not for all of them can be dried in tumble dryer. Tumble dryer is safe for all PUPPI inserts made of bamboo fleece. If it comes to other brands and their diapers, you should always follow the producer washing and drying recommendations.  

You shouldn’t iron any inserts, because ironing fibers reduce their surface so in result it also reduces insert’s absorbency.

You can read information about washing and caring about wool in HERE

  •     Inserts made of artificial fibers (microfiber, coolmax, microfleece, zorb)

Advantage of this type of inserts is the fact, that you don’t need to prepare them for using by several washes. It is enough to wash it once, just like you do with other children textiles.

If it comes to washing routine, you need to be more careful about the washing powder ingredients. There shouldn’t be more than 5% soap in it. Many producers advise to use half of washing powder dose recommended on washing powder packaging. Unfortunately, if we reduce amount of detergent by half, the diaper might not get totally clean, and ammonia deposits can collect in its fiber and cause baby’s skin irritations.

If it comes to drying that kind of inserts, you always should follow producer recommendations.


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