How many reusable diapers do you need to be able to use them comfortably?

The answer depends on how often you want to do laundry and how often you will change the diaper. It is also important at what age your baby is.

In the first three months of life a diaper may be changed up to 15 times a day. During this period you will need more inserts or you will need to wash the diaper every day. From around 4 months of age the diaper will be changed around 10 times a day and this number will reduce around the baby's first birthday.

So, assuming you wash the nappy every other day, you will need:

In the newborn period - about 45 absorbent inserts (a supply for 2 days is 30 inserts + a third set in the wash). Remember that the diapers must also have time to dry. For this you need about 5 woolen covers, which are the leak-proof layer of the diaper.

If you start using cloth diapers after the 3rd month, you can safely buy 30 absorbent inserts. Additionally, you will need 3-5 covers.

However, if you don't mind washing every day, the numbers will be correspondingly smaller.

What to buy at the beginning?

To make the task of compiling your first reusable diaper layette easier, we have prepared starter sets in our store, which include a set of covers and inserts and can serve as a base for later expansion.

You can choose between:

TRY ONE set, that is containing 1 complete diaper (waterproof layer + absorbent part) and liquid for wool impregnation and a sample of liquid for wool washing
BEGGINERS SET, enough for a whole day of exclusive use of cloth diapers

Choose which version suits you better, select the size and start using cloth diapers the easy way!

We will also be happy to answer your questions. Just write to us. You will find our contact details below, in the footer. You can also use the contact form by clicking HERE.



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