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"Cuddly&Snuggly" Insert size S

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Size S consists of 3 layers of a very absorbent and soft cotton. It will be great to use as an booster together with size M. It has one double-sided snap allowing to snap it into the cover and the other insert.

SIO inserts in sizes M and L have two snaps, one on each end. This allows you to snap the insert easily and quick and un-snap them with a single move of your hand.

Our SIO System consists of a wool cover and absorbent inserts which can be easily snapped together. Our snap-in inserts are available in three sizes: S, M and L. Pair the SIO cover with any combination of snap-in inserts.

Many may start researching cloth diapers, get overwhelmed and quit. PUPPI SIO System is a great solution if you are looking for easy and simple dipaering option. So easy to use yet comes with lots of options so you can get a customized system for your baby.

Snap inserts into the cover, put diaper on baby and go!

Due to the stiffening of natural fibers after multiple washings, "Cuddly&Snuggly" inserts are recommended to those who have the possibility of drying them in a tumble dryer to keep them soft.

We recommend the following options:

- a single size M insert (33 cm long) for everyday use together with OS cover

- size M insert snapped together with size S (29 cm long) for heavy wetters (plus OS cover)

- size M snapped with size L (36 cm long) for bigger children (plus OS+ cover)

- sizes S, M and L snapped together will be best night solution inside the OS+ cover

Compositions100% Organic Cotton
SizeSmall (27 cm long)
Dimensions27x9 cm (10.65"x3.55")
Care instructionsWash in 60'C (140'F), tumble dryer safe.

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"Cuddly&Snuggly" Insert size S

"Cuddly&Snuggly" Insert size S

Cotton booster will give you extra absorbency whenever needed.

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