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Lanoline Wool Treatment

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This 250ml lanolin-based conditioner keeps your wool clothes in good condition, nourishing their natural fibres and extending their life. Great for waterproofing nappy wraps and wool longies. It contains pesticide-free lanolin and grey plant-based soap.

   - naturally replenishes natural oils of wool and silk clothes
    - longer lasting clothes - it helps prevent felting and dryness
    - concentrated - excellent value for money!
    - totally biodegradable and safe next to the skin - hurrah!
    - doesn’t contain preservatives, fragrances or petrochemical components
    - Bio product, certified by IMO Institute in Switzerland
How to use:
-       For wool covers 15-20 ml of conditioner for 1 litre of hot water
-       For wool clothes 5-10 ml of conditioner for 1 litre of hot water
Mix the conditioner with hot water, cool to 30 degrees and soak for 4-6 hours. Then rinse shortly (you can use 1 tablespoon of Ulrich natürlich descaler) and dry.

You should make lanolin treatment to your wool covers whenever you see it starts to soak or you notice first leaks. Please follow the instruction written on the packaging- this way your wool covers and clothes will not shrink or felt. You shoudln’t use more of the conditioner or soak it for longer than its necessary. Water you use for rinsing should be in the same temperature as the water you just took off your covers from.

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Lanoline Wool Treatment

Lanoline Wool Treatment

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