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Disana Raw silk liner

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Raw silk liner to be applied onto an insert as a layer in contact with baby skin. It's made of raw silk, which is one of the ecologically purest fibres. Its manufacturing doesn't require pesticides, fertilizers nor any other chemical substance.

What is more important, silk possesses properties that make it sooth and chill sore skin. It is also anti-inflammatory. Silk inserts are recommended particularly while curing nappy rashes or skin inflammation caused by contact alergy. It's doing very well during hot weather spells and gives skin a feeling of dryness.

It is to be put onto an absorbing insert so that it was in contact with baby skin.  Should be changed after every use.

Washing instructions:
- to be hand-washed in mild detergents, for example wool-washing agents
- temperatures of washing and rinsing should be as equal as possible (majority of washing machines wash wool in 30 Celsius degrees and thereafter rinse it with cold water, and that's why we don't recommend this washing method)
- after rinsing, stretch the insert to its normal lentgh and width and leave it to get dry
- do not expose to sunshine while drying

All the agents you need to take care of your diapers can be found in our shop, section "Diaper accessories".

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Naturalny sposob na odpazenia

Obok wleny leczniczej wkaldy jedwabne sa remedium na podrazniona pupe, po ktore chetnie siegam. Lubie to, ze moge pomocmoim dzieciomw sposob, ktory nie wiaze sie z wnikaniem przez wilgotna i podrazniona skore zadnych skladnikow kremow. U nas sie sprawdza.

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Disana Raw silk liner

Disana Raw silk liner

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