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Liquid Gallsoap - 250 ml

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Liquid gall soap is a natural, traditional stain remover, particulary useful for stubborn or oily stains on natural fibres. It is safe to use on wool clothing, which is great, and this good quality ecological gall soap is made entirely from renewable and biodegradable ingredients.

This 250ml bottle of concentrated gall soap comes from bovine gall from animals reared in a kind and natural manner.
Use to remove all sorts of stains including:
     - pen, ink, paint,
     - blood and other protein stains,
     - wine, fruit, grass
     - oil, grease and candle wax

Naturally removes stains!

Can be applied directly to spots and washed out after soaking. Or it can be placed with soiled clothing into machine without any further detergent. Apply content of one cap (approx. 30 ml) and wash as usual.


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Liquid Gallsoap - 250 ml

Liquid Gallsoap - 250 ml

ULRICH Liquid Gallsoap to combat heavy stains like grease, starch and protein.

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