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Raw lavender essential oil

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Made of natural plants and seeds extracts.

Lavender oil is an ancient natural remedy, as its broad spectrum effects on human body was known for ages. It’s being used in multiple purposes, most common of which are cosmetic industry and natural medicine. It works great as a natural pain- medication (for headaches or migrene). It exhibits calming and relaxing properties. Helps to cure depression, fears or anxiety. Lavender oil is being used to dispose of skin problems (allergies, acne). It also works well when fighting with respiratory disorders (sinuses, cough, runny nose). Lavender Essential Oil contains natural antiseptic qualities which is another reason it makes a great addition to your washing routine and wipe recipes.

The remedy list seems endless, here are a few of our favorite uses:

- Add 2-6 drops to a warm bath or pillow to calm little & big minds
- Use in the rinse cycle when washing your cloth diapers and/or when making your own wipe solution!
- Combine baking soda and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Place in the bottom of your diaper pail to help control odor!
- you can add it to water, when you’re mopping floors
- put couple of drops to your wardrobe to deter clothes moths.

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Lawenda tak pieknie pachnie!

Duza buteleczka starcza u mnie na rok- uzywam jej do skrapiania worka z pieluchami (wymiennie z olejkiem z drzewa herbacianego) kiedy nie piore ich od razu i zaczynam je czuc. Bardzo przyjemny zapach.

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Raw lavender essential oil

Raw lavender essential oil

100% pure essential oil.

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