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PUPPI diapers in a short story

We started to sew our first diapers in 2013. We did it for the sake of two tiny guys who had just said "hello" to the world as our most beloved little twins. We've found ourselves in search of perfect diapers as soon as the kids became a few weeks old. Shortly, it turned out that it's fairly difficult to find ones that would have fully met our requirements. We couldn't use microfibre, coolmax or micropolar, of which many of available cloth diapers are made. Despite their being cheaper than natural materials, we ruled out a possibility of using them in Puppi diapers, as we weren't apt to include any synthetic fabrics in products of our making. Similarly, we were also very reluctant to go for PUL diapers. That's why we decided to work only with natural fabrics, like wool, bamboo velour and terry, linen and hemp.

A lot of diapers available on the market tend to wear off very fast, and inserts get pretty hard and packed even after few washings. You would even say that one does not want a baby bottom to be touching anything like that. Most of them are not absorbent enough and you have to change a dipaer every hour. Being not able to find a proper producer, we decided to become one. For our children... and for yours as well! That's why ecological Puppi diapers are created and also, why they are designed and sewn with utmost care for every detail. Every fabric is being picked very carefully and finished products undergo a number of tests (currently our youngest tester is our third son, who was born in December 2014), which makes us able to constantly improve cutting of our diapers.

We also listen to your opinions, since they are of undisputable value to us. Your remarks and suggestions give us greater capability of adjusting our diapers to your needs.

Puppi cloth diapers are not only a natural alternative for your baby's skin, but also a sign of care for natural environment. All fabrics the diapers are made of are biodegradable.

We strive for unblemished satisfaction of our customers, and that's why we'll do our best to process your orders as soon as possible and to provide you with merchandise of the highest quality. Due to that and to the concern our experts show to anyone consulting them for advice, a shopping session in our online store will be a pleasant experience.
Should you have any questions or suggestions please, do not hesitate to contact us via our online chat or internet contact form on our site.