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Beautiful, top quality cotton diapers, designed specifically for cloth diapering.

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1,75 €

Mini-Booster adds an extra absorbency without making a diaper big.

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2,85 €

These very absorbent 4-layer inserts are the perfect size to fit the smallest babies, and also act as a highly absorbent booster for any OS diaper.

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4,60 €

Soft and quick drying bamboo terry insert in two sizes.

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6,95 €

A merino wool liner which provides extra protection in the ‘wet-zone’ for wool covers or any other.

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2,70 €

These luxuriously soft bamboo terry inserts provide 6 layers of absorbency and can be used in virtually any OS cover.

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7,80 €

Quick drying, non-bleached and non-dyed hemp insert.

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7,20 €

This insert can be used in a cover by itself or be snapped in with other sizes.

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7,60 €

These super soft bamboo velour cloths make luxurious and absorbent reusable wipes or face cloths for mealtime.

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1,40 €

Add an extra absorbency to the diaper without making it big.

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4,20 €

Cotton booster will give you extra absorbency whenever needed.

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5,00 €

Thicker than the Bamboo ones, these cellulose paper liners are great for dealing with newborn poo – and can still be flushed down the toilet.

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4,06 €
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